How To Start Running Properly

What’s the best way to start running? 10 Tips

Not a fan of video? Or too busy to watch? That’s ok. Keep reading and we’ll recap those ten essential tips that you need to get started running.

1.Choose your running shoes properly

Make sure they are properly fitted and not slippy. Ill-fitting shoes can cause injury, so invest in a decent pair of sneakers. How often should you change them? Check out our advice here.

2.Never skip a warm-up

Warm-ups are essential to getting your muscles moving and blood flowing. Missing one can put you at greater risk of injury or even be pretty unpleasant the next day. We’ve even prepared some extra exercises for you to warm up in our article.

3.Walk for 5 mins

Starting off with a quick 5-minute walk is a great way to start your body moving. And it helps you ease into that run.

4.Start running, hold your head high and look forward

Once you start running, posture is vital. This will help you run better, prevent injury and build stamina. So keep your head up and facing forward, and look ahead. You got it!

5.Shoulders open and back

And on the topic of posture. It’s vital you keep your shoulders open and back. Slouching forward can lead to muscle strain, and make it harder to run.

6.Elbows at 90-degree

Get those power elbows going. The 90-degree angle adds balance and helps you boost that core power that you need.

7.Activate your core

This is the center of your strength and stamina. Using power from your core can help you go further and run longer. It’s also great for posture, and you may even tone those abs too.

8.Land on the heel first, let the rest follow

Ever wonder what’s the best way to place your feel when running. Wonder no longer. When running always land heel-first and let the rest of your foot follow. This gives you a powerful spring for your next step.

9.Lean forward slightly with your whole body

By leaning forward ever so slightly with your body, you add more energy to your run. This pushed you forward and into the next step.

10.Don’t forget about the cooldown

Just as your muscle warmed up, they need to cool down too. Make sure you include some gentle stretches and other cool-down activities so that your muscles go to rest the right way.

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